Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Checking in

I haven't exactly been AWOL -- I've been AWH: absent with hangover. I went out on Tuesday night for my pal Danny's send-off. (After living for the past seven years in Taiwan, Japan, and Thailand, he's going home to Australia.) And I've got two words for you, the combination of which should be avoided at all times: Chilean champagne. We had lots of fun, but oof, the next day.

I stayed home from work and did some packing. That packing that needs to be done after you've boxed the obvious things, but there is that one drawer that you've been stuffing "important things" into for a couple of years. The drawer that takes hours to clear out because you pause to reread each letter, put on those sunglasses you'd forgotten about, wonder why you clipped out that article, and so on. It was the perfect task for a lazy hangover day.

Extra credit: "The new diarists." (Jewish blogs: "Are they a challenge to the establishment or the rantings of eccentrics?")

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