Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Whole wheat lace socks

socks & Mr. Tea Egg

I finished these socks this afternoon (I took a mental-health day -- wheee!), but not quite in time to photograph them in natural light. I'm really pleased with them. I knit them from the toe up, beginning with a square toe. The square toe and the lace pattern are taken from a free pattern called Lace Top, Toe Up Regia Color Sock. To see a close-up shot of the lace, click here. (It's not a dainty lace. It's... it's a burly lace.)

I also knit afterthought heels for the first time, and I think I'm in love. I used six decrease points in my heels (according to Dawn Brocco's instructions). They fit perfectly. I'm definitely going to use this technique again. Click here for a shot of my heel. The best part of the afterthought heel is that it comes at the end. These socks were great: first, boring stockinette foot; second, skip the heel and go on to fun lace; last, knit the heel, which, like the Retro Prep yoke, gets smaller and faster as you go. (I was inspired to try these by the Keyboard Biologist's photo essay of the process.)

These are the best-fitting socks I've knit for myself yet. In fact, my feet are doing a happy dance!

What's next? Well, socks, actually. I've joined the Six Sox Knitalong, so I'll be knitting a pair of cloverleaf lace socks -- but I'll use a colour a little less... crunchy.

And you? What are you working on?

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