Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Socks across the Pacific

I made these socks for my friend Allison last Christmas. She sent me this awesome photo and e-mail yesterday:

2L's wool socks

The socks are overlooking the Pacific Ocean, with the coast of northern California way in the distance. I'm on the deck of our stateroom on the Island Princess. I specifically packed those socks just so I could take that picture, though they came in handy sitting on that deck in the early morning, trying to spot whales. (All I managed to see in the water, besides driftwood, was a shoe.) The socks also came in handy stuffed around the laptop I borrowed for the trip. Mom says your socks are made better than the ones my granny makes, because yours have a proper heel. This is a very high compliment!
Hand-knitting lives and rocks on both sides of the ocean, my friends. Thanks, 2L!

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