Friday, April 23, 2004


pretty kitty

Beatrix is happy that I can once again post photos of her.

Last weekend, we met the baby for whom I knitted the little green earflap hat. She was thirty-eight days old, and the hat was huge on her little head, which is good, since she won't need it until next winter. Here she is!

Helene-Honore in her big hat

Isn't she sweet? Yes, I did crop my head out of the shot. It's not that I'm vain; if I was, I wouldn't show you this super double-chin shot, would I?

Maggi asked that I show a photo of the few inches of hair I knitted up for Grace before I trash it. I don't think the outrageous hairiness shows up in this photo, but here it is:

mo' hair!

I think it looks pretty in the photo, but believe me, no one would actually want to wear it. And if I'm not going to wear it, I'm certainly not going to knit it.

I survived my Friday! It's seven-thirty in the evening, I'm home, I'm having a glass of wine, I'm listening to a mix CD (Belle & Sebastian, Beulah, Rufus Wainwright, Kristin Hersh, Erin McKeown), and in a couple of hours I'm going to head out and meet Billy at a live jazz bar. Ahhh. Most of you are just beginning your Friday. Have a great one.

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