Monday, April 26, 2004

I'd like to go away for a weekend by myself, so I'm looking for info online about traveling within Taiwan. It's not easy, since travel agencies haven't figured out that people who can't read Chinese may want to book a holiday. So I'm using an Internet translation site to read a Chinese travel agency site. So far, I have my eye on a weekend trip to the east coast city of Hualien, with two nights at the beautiful logical sequence big hotel. The price includes the room and the back and forth airplane ticket, and apparently the hotel contains a pool, a slippery animal-drawn cart footpath, a gym, to climb the hill climbing, to hit the field, a television amusement and rest field, a pingpong field, a books chess skill room, and men and women three to be warm. Hmm. I think I'd better do a bit more research. I don't really want to stay at a place where I can't be warm all by myself, no matter how beautiful and logical its sequence. Plus, although it seems that ancestor peaceful food is available there, the price does not contain the soldier danger.

Elsewhere, a list of links under the title "Warm hug travels to the East" includes this informative choice: Knowledge of this hotel soup. What. The hell. Is that?

I tell you, sometimes it's all just too much for this foreign girl.

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