Monday, March 01, 2004

This weekend was such a drag...

There was a going-away party on Saturday night for a friend who is moving to Bangkok. Another friend, Jon, took the opportunity to get dolled up as his alter-drag-ego Magnolia. The transformation took place at my friend Danny's place over two or three hours. When I arrived, there had already been eyebrow shaping, and Tony (how helpful to have friends who are professional makeup artists!) was applying foundation. Here we are at just the first bit of eye makeup:

still Jon

Many layers, lashes, and vodkas later, and we headed out to the bar, where a private room had been booked. Upon arrival, Magnolia prepared to be admired. She ended up looking something like a futuristic Myra Hindley:

(I'm sure I'm committing some kind of drag blasphemy here, but I just have to share this photo. We're not supposed to know it, of course, but sometimes even a drag queen must do something so pedestrian as visiting the ATM.)

I'm off to bed. Very, very tired, want to snuggle with Bea. I can't believe she's only been with us for two months -- I think she's settling in well, don't you?

cats in my pants

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