Tuesday, March 02, 2004

I'm sick. Wicked sore throat, swollen glands, tired head. I didn't go to work; spent the day reading and snoozing, not knitting. I was a little worried about work, since I slept all morning and didn't call in until eleven to say I was sick. So when my phone rang a few minutes later, and it was the manager, I was nervous. It went like this:

Boss: This is Art Vandalay.* I hear you have pain in your throat. OK, this is what we do.
Me: [gulp -- I'm not going to get paid for a sick day since I called so late...]
Boss: Green tea. Make some green tea, and let it sit so it's not too hot, and you want to gargle...

Does anyone want to tell me a joke or a funny story? I'd love that.

* In case you never watched Seinfeld, this is not really my boss's name. His name is actually really funny, but you think I want to get fired?

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