Saturday, March 06, 2004

I've probably mentioned before that the only English TV channels we have here are movies and CNN. I feel like I've missed so much TV over the past two years -- much of which I'm happy about (because I can resist a reality show about as well as Imelda Marcos could resist a shoe sale), but lots that I would've liked to have seen. So yesterday evening at the video store, when we spotted the first season of 24, we rented the first eight episodes. We watched six in a row last night! We were totally hooked. We watched the other two this morning and then went back to rent the next eight. Those of you who watched it on TV during the regular season: how could you wait a week between episodes?!

You know that Keifer Sutherland (the star of 24) is Canadian, right? Many Canadians are famous in the U.S. entertainment industry, as everybody knows. I'm one of those (surely annoying) people who always needs to point out that, yes, Keanu Reeves / Carrie Ann Moss / Neve Campbell / the guy who plays Ed is Canadian. ("Canada: We're not just Michael J. Fox and Most of the Funny People Who Have Ever Been on Saturday Night Live!") But Keifer Sutherland doesn't just happen to be from Canada. Americans may not know this: his grandfather, Tommy Douglas, was a founder of the socialist CCF party in Saskatchewan (which later became the left-wing New Democratic Party, which he also led) and is known in Canadian history books as the father of medicare.

Plus, Keifer's a big hottie. We Canadians feel protective of our hotties.

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