Sunday, March 07, 2004

Eighteen out of 24 ain't bad

I hardly knit at all this weekend. First of all, because I couldn't knit while watching 24, and between about eight o'clock Friday and midnight Sunday night, we watched eighteen episodes! We were like zombies: "Another one. Another one. Agghhhh." And we're still not through the longest day of Jack Bauer's life!

Aside from that, the skin on my index fingers, especially on my right hand, is extremely dry -- cracked-and-peeling dry. I'm afraid that knitting is making it worse, so I don't want to knit too much until it heals. (I did buy a pair of cotton gloves yesterday, so I'll try to knit with those on.) I'm using 100 percent wool, and I'm wondering if it is taking moisture and oils from my skin, since the worst spot on my finger is on the side of the top joint, along which the wool drags with every stitch. Has anyone else had a problem like this? I know that one of my knitting aunts uses a hemp-oil-based moisturizer on her hands. Does wool dry knitters' hands?

Anyway, all I did this weekend was start the left front of the Must Have. Just the ribbing and one repeat of the big diamond cable. It's all I want to knit, but a couple we know here are having a baby this month, so I'll take a break from the Must Have to whip up something for them.

Sometimes in movies, to signify boredom, a character pours salt onto a table and pushes it around with his or her finger, drawing in the salt. You know what I mean, right? OK, so imagine a similar scene, except instead of a diner, the setting is my hallway, and instead of a few teaspoons of salt, the medium is half a bag of kitty litter. The bored character? Well, of course, that would be Miss Beatrix, Kitty Litter Artist! Bill woke me up on Sunday morning with "You'd better come and take care of your cat." If it wasn't so funny, I would've been very mad. Bea was in the middle of the hallway, crouched on top of a small mountain of kitty litter, with a crazed look in her eyes. When she saw me, she froze, and then she tried to run, but she scrambled around in the kitty litter, sending grains of it flying in every direction as she tried to get some traction. Seems she had tipped the bag. I'm sure it was an accident... you betcha...

Happy International Women's Day!

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