Monday, March 15, 2004

I had some good knitting time this weekend. On Friday night, I cast on and finished the ribbing for the back of the Must Have cardie. (You may recall that I'd started one of the front pieces a couple of weeks back, but I've put that aside. I actually read a bit ahead in the pattern, and there was an instruction about when to start sleeve shaping -- when the front piece is as long as the back was when you started the shaping on the back piece. Uh...) Yesterday I worked on the Must Have first while watching High Art (in which Patricia Clarkson is brilliant as a washed-up drug-addicted German actress, and Ally Sheedy is just insanely sexy) on VCD (three for $4 if you don't mind Chinese subtitles!) and then later while watching Primal Fear (in which Edward Norton is just insane) on TV. I've done a little more than one full pattern repeat. I'm slow. Oh well. It's fun.

As well as the knitting, it was a good weekend. It involved laundry, some cleaning up of the back balcony (a.k.a. the outdoor laundry room), fun with Bea, reading in bed, enough sleep, beers with my second cousin (you're right, that is weird!), talking to my parents on the phone, Indian food, taking photos, chatting with taxi drivers, updating bits and pieces around the blog, and yellow watermelon. I hope you had a good one too.

(And hey, how cool is it that there seems to be another planet out there? I like it when Nature shows us that she'll always be the boss of us.)

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