Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Oh, hi there! In case you're wondering, Erica agreed to send me the Sheepjes sock yarn that I was lusting after the other day. Thanks, Erica! A couple of people (who shall, of course, remain nameless) have accused me of being a sock-knitting addict. Can you imagine? Heh heh. Actually, that reminds me of my boyfriend when I was seventeen or eighteen, who was a skateboarder. We lived in a town where young men in pick-up trucks would yell insults at young men on skateboards. (Is there anywhere that doesn't happen?) But my boyfriend was always perplexed when some dumbass would yell "Skater!" (Um, yes, yes, I am a skater, how observant of you!) Sometimes he'd yell back "Driver!" So go ahead, take your best shot. Sock addict, you say? Well... Knitter!

Little Miss Bea loves a lap, and she lounged in mine the other day.

You can click here to see the same pose from the human's eye view. Have a great day!

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