Monday, February 09, 2004

Judging a book by its cover

During my last semester at university, I worked for the first couple of weeks making student cards. It was fun; it involved getting to look at a person's photo I.D. ("Ha ha, your middle name is _____!" -- just kidding), taking his or her picture with a fancy digital camera, and then waiting for a card to pop out. I was finishing my B.A. in Communication. I made a student card for Christine; she was starting a post-baccalaureate diploma in Communication. We chatted for a minute or two. I saw by her driver's license that we were the same age and lived two blocks apart. Above all, I just thought she looked like a cool lady -- someone I wanted to know. I think it was later the same day that I ran into her at a café on campus, and we exchanged phone numbers and talked about getting together. And then we did! And we've kept in touch, even though I left the city about four months later. The fact is, I met Christine because I judged a book by its (stylish vintage leopard-print) cover.

I tell you this because I know there are a lot of library types in the knitblog world. My friend Christine has been working in libraries for a decade, but now she's in library school and she has a relatively new blog, called Ask Nettie Day. And since she's smart and funny, you should go and have a look. Check out her links, too, especially Librarian Spotting, where she addresses the stereotypical depictions of librarians in mainstream media (and also provides a link so that you can order your own Librarian Action Figure!). Oh yeah, she paints and knits a bit and she's a fellow Grammar Avenger, too. Go and say hello, will ya? And then put those books back on the shelves where you found them. And keep your voice down! Heh.

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