Sunday, February 22, 2004

I finished the first sleeve of the Must Have cardigan tonight! I had to attach a new ball of wool just as I was into the cap shaping. I'm not even close to tiring of this project yet, I'm happy to say, so I'll probably cast on the second sleeve and do the ribbing before I go to bed.

We had a good little anniversary celebration last night. Bill and I went with two friends to a basement jazz bar. It was like a very cozy living room, and the music was good. It felt like we could have been in San Franciso just as easily as Taipei. Really nice. Plus the weather has been beautiful all weekend. I'm wearing shorts, for pete's sake! There's not much in-between weather here. It was cold. Now it's hot. On Friday night, Billy and I sat out on our roof playing crib and listening to Miles Davis. We were quite the beatniks this weekend, weren't we? ::snap snap snap::

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