Saturday, February 21, 2004

Happy Anniversary, Taiwan!

Yes, Bill and I first set foot on this crowded, noisy, sweaty, vibrant, wacky little island exactly two years ago. It wasn't love at first sight, but we persisted and have been rewarded in so many ways. Xie xie, Taiwan! Women hai ni.

In case you're wondering, my sock obsession has not been subsumed by the Year of the Sweater! In fact, Club Stash has recently welcomed two new members of the sock persuasion:

bea-approved yarn

At the top right is the lovely ball of Scheepjes Invicta Coloris (colour 1704) sent by the charming and thoughtful Erica; the other two skeins are Lorna's Laces sport (colour 403: Tuscany), which were under all that Kureyon I showed you the other day. (At top left, the poetic headline is just a bonus for you.)

Another little bonus: I've added to my About Me page. There used to be fifty things about me, and now there are eighty. That's more than a 50 percent increase! (The main photo is random, too; you can refresh to see a different one.) And then, while I was at it, I changed the whole blog! I wanted it more open and clean.

Have a great weekend, everyone. And thanks for your comments on the last post; I'm feeling much better now, thank you. (See sock yarn, above.)

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