Sunday, January 18, 2004

So sweet!

I'm lucky. I picked up a package on my lunch break on Friday, and it was from Rachael. What do you think was inside? No, not yarn. Something very special and almost as sweet as Rachael herself:

Can you read the label? It's olallieberry jam! I think I can safely say I'm the only person in all of Taiwan with olallieberry jam. Thanks, Rachael! (Click on the jam to see another photo attempt that was intercepted by Beatrix.)

I'm about halfway through the foot of my mini-ringel sock, but last night I started a new project. Shockingly, it's a pair of socks. I have two skeins of Koigu that were burning a hole in my yarn box, and I could no longer resist. To shake things up, I'm going toe up (using Wendy's pattern) AND making them on a circular needle. One sock at a time, though. I'm using a 2.25mm needle that's 80cm long. I like this method a lot. I'm even this close to saying dee-pee-ens, schmee-pee-ens! The Koigu is, of course, a dream. Click here to see the colours (photo via Threadbear): the main colour is a rich bottle green, and there is a lovely dark blue and dark brown, plus variations in colour saturation. I'll take a photo soon; it's dark now, and the flash makes the colours look too bright.

Bill and I are very proud of our little Bea. My friend Danny came over last night, and Beatrix was very sweet and friendly. By popular demand, here she is!

sweet bea

Bea and I hope you're having a great weekend! If perchance you're bored, go on over to the Rock-Along Gallery if you haven't been for a while, because it's still going strong. 'Cause you can't, you won't, and you don't stop; knitters come and rock the sure shot...

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