Monday, December 29, 2003

The kitten has started to purr and be playful and spazzy. Every movement is cuter than the last. It's almost unbearable, really. How much kitteny cuteness can a mere mortal take?

Anyway, I have to get busy! Look at all the things I can make:

  • Feline dim sum (I did knit a wonton while Xiao-mao hid in her travel box and then under the TV on Saturday, so I just need to pick up some catnip to put inside.)
  • Wendy's catnip mouse
  • Oliver's green mouse
  • Swirl ball
  • Kitty blankets (lots of patterns)
  • Crafts from the Crazy Cat Ladies Society
  • Kittyville hat (for me, of course)

  • No felted cat beds yet -- I can't imagine tackling that felting project by hand! I haven't even felted my fuzzy feet yet for lack of a washing machine with hot water.

    Jo asked what I'm knitting in the photo below. (She has a one-track mind!) I'm just starting the second mini-ringel sock, actually. I'd like to finish this pair of socks and maybe one more for myself (Koigu calls!) before moving on to a new project (Kureyon, is that you?).

    (By the way, the Marsan watchcap went to my brother for Christmas, and he says he really likes it. He promised to send a photo soon. I also snuck in a pair of wool socks for Bill and managed to surprise him with them! More on those later, and there is a visual component to the story.)

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