Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Charlize Theron is playing Aileen Wuornos in a movie? Huh? I'm having one of those moments where I have the distinct feeling that I live on another planet. I can't believe I hadn't heard of this film before now. I'm sure I won't get to see Monster until I get back to Canada, but I'll be interested to follow it in the news. (Ms. Theron has already been nominated for a Golden Globe, and the film was named one of the ten best of the year by the American Film Institute.) I thought a lot about Ms. Wuornos (America's so-called "first female serial killer") a few years ago when I was at university, where female criminality, especially murder, was one of my major interests. Wuornos was a wild character, possibly the least likable feminist icon. She has already been the subject of documentaries and made-for-TV movies -- she even inspired an opera a few years back. Read more about Monster here, here, and here. (If you've seen it, please tell me what you thought.) Read more about the late Aileen Wuornos here. (She was executed in October 2002.)

Speaking of violence and possible lunacy,* are women seriously getting "cosmetic" foot surgery just so they can squeeze into dangerous shoes?

If it happened in Afghanistan we'd call it barbaric. When it happens in a rich Western country, it is called fashion.
Hallelujah, sister. For heaven's sake, ladies, trade in your stilettos for Fuzzy Feet before it's too late!

* I could've sworn that "segueway" is a word, but it's not in the dictionary! That's it. My mind has been blown.

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