Tuesday, December 16, 2003

I haven't had much knitting time lately, but I did a few inches on 2L's second Xmas sock last night while watching Crossing Delancey on TV. It's one of those movies -- like Manhattan, Annie Hall, When Harry Met Sally, and a hundred others -- that I can watch again and again and that make me think I'd like to live in New York City. Or maybe I'd just like to live in a Woody Allen movie.

Meanwhile, the Marsan watchcap is in the mail, on its way across the Pacific to its mystery recipient. I'd definitely make another one of these -- that is, if there weren't so many other excellent hats on my list.

[Watch this space! I'll put up a photo of the watchcap when I get home.]

p.s. Has everyone made a screenplay from their blog yet? Here's the link (via Pioneer Melissa). Either it's quite funny, or I need more coffee. In any case, I am now 100 percent convinced that the Internet exists mainly as a distraction for office workers. And now...here's a highlight from Love Will Keep Us Together, starring Jul*a Roberts, R*chard Gere, and Brainylady:

R*CHARD GERE: I guess I will take that job in that other country then.

R*chard Gere leaves.

BRAINYLADY: I'm modeling the recently finished Marsan Watchcap and, as a special bonus, my fake look-smart glasses.

JUL*A ROBERTS: Thank you, Brainylady. That's just what I needed to hear now that I have a broken heart. No wonder you are my best friend.
It could happen.

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