Monday, November 10, 2003

The socks are in the mail!

I finished Dawn's crazy footies last night and put them in the mail today. Unbelievable! This is by far a speed record for me, and it'll be hard to beat: less than a week from finding the pattern to sending off the FO. Socks are fast when you start at the ankle! I took pictures of them last night, so I'll post them ASAP. Now I'm making a tiny raglan with leftover Regia. (FYI, it took a little more than one ball to make a pair of footies.)

Other knitting news: I'm gonna be a bucketeer! Yeehaw! I must admit that I haven't been a big fan of the Bucket-o-Chic hat, but when I saw Claudia's today, I was smitten. It looks like a vintage granny hat! So I bought the pattern and added it to my list.

I've been put in my place as far as '80s lyrics go. Em kicked my butt so hard I can hardly sit down! Maybe I'm just too shy shy... hush hush...

We've still got the air-conditioner on in our bedroom so we can sleep at night, and I can't tell you how much I miss the crisp air and falling leaves of autumn. So I'm living vicariously through knitbloggers, who are knitting warm and wooly things these days. Cari's capelet, for example, makes me want a cup of cocoa. Not to mention all the ponchos that are being knitted up. Next year, this little knitter's going to have a snuggly poncho -- mark my words.

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