Saturday, November 08, 2003

I'm making a pair of socks that are going so fast I haven't even mentioned them yet! I've turned the heel of Sock 2, and I only started Sock 1 on Thursday. A friend from home had some sad cat news this week, so I'm hoping these will cheer her up. I'm using a pattern called Mom's Fast Florida Footies (so far so good, Lynn!), and I'm using Regia Crazy Colors (#5265). How do you all feel about Crazy Colors? I can never decide for sure whether the colour combinations are really fun or really hideous. For this project, though, I think the yarn is perfect. I want to send my friend a pair of socks that she can wear around the house and that feel kind of goofy. And these are goo-oo-fy! (Photos eventually, I promise...)

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