Tuesday, July 22, 2003

It seems that many knitbloggers are or have been creative writers, copywriters, editors, and/or proofreaders. It makes perfect sense that people who write and work with words would be attracted to blogging, but where does knitting fit in? Here's my theory: writing/editing and knitting both require one to be creative, technical, picky, and focused, and some people are drawn to those sorts of things. For me, there is definitely something similar about working on a piece of writing and working on a piece of knitting: becoming absorbed in the task at hand, checking the reference books when I'm not sure about a certain element (be it a comma or a decrease), striving for perfection in the finished product (though less so with knitting, I admit). What do you think? Let's hear it, fellow grammar geeks. (I know your out their.)

I'm seaming the Bulky Baby Bibby, so that's almost done. It seems really wide. I'm actually already in the middle of another one of Kristi's patterns: the bulky baby asymmetrical cardigan (scroll down to the third pattern on that page). When I finish it, I'm going to finish the mystery-blue Haiku. I'm newly inspired to go back and finish it since seeing the beautiful little Haiku that Maggi made. I hope mine turns out so well. Eventually I'll make something for myself! I just want to get all these kids' sweaters done first, since they're for kids I'll be seeing on my visit home next month. (Next month? Ack!) Though I also want to show off a ChicKami when I go home.... Oh, the pressure! Would you believe I had a dream last night that I'd knitted a hot-pink Sitcom Chic? I was so happy! It was done except for the button, and I was trying it on. And then -- damn it! -- I woke up. No sassy new cardie in my reality. Just another sweaty day in paradise.

Warning: An abrupt shifting of gears. It's easy for us Canadians to feel a little superior these days, what with the recent political hat-trick of same-sex marriage, eased pot-possession penalties, and a safe-injection site. Plus, there are articles like "Dismayed Americans contemplate Canada" (via Knitting Girl -- thanks, Shannon), about lefty U.S. citizens who are considering moving north of the border because of the political climate on both sides. Not to be a party pooper, but Naomi Klein (in "Canada gets interesting") reminds us that Chretien's recent decisions are the decisions of a PM on his way out of office, and not only has he done plenty of damage to Canada (particularly through his support of NAFTA), but Paul Martin will likely spend his first term trying to cozy back up to Bush. This doesn't take away from the steps forward that have been taken, but we can't get lazy and start idealizing Soviet Canuckistan as some kind of left-wing utopia. (But, man, recent events have been good for our collective self-esteem, haven't they? And we take what we can get, eh?)

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