Thursday, May 01, 2003

Just because I haven't taken a quiz in a while (and who doesn't wonder which Bettie she is?):

hello, bettie!
You're Color Bettie, you're bright and modern and
you seem to always know what's going on.

Which Bettie Page Are You?
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I finished the Regia spring socks last night! And about three minutes later (after following Bill around saying, "Look at my socks! Look at my socks!"), I started knitting a pair of Fuzzy Feet. You may remember my first foiled attempt at Fuzzy Feet. (If not, I knitted the gigantic socks, put them in a hot wash, and out came...gigantic socks!) I wasn't planning to do them next, but after the ribbed socks I was craving something quick in stockinette. And I'm already halfway through the heel flap of FF#1. I'm hoping it'll work this time; I bought wool that says "Dry Clean or Hand Wash." That should felt, right? I'm using dark red and an oatmealy colour. Photos soon...

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