Saturday, April 19, 2003

Aside from the area around Yong Kang Street, where I live, Kong Kuan -- near Taida university -- is my favourite neighbourhood in Taipei. I went down there this afternoon to my favourite cafe to knit a few rows on the purple baby sweater and write a couple of letters. Then I just walked around the neighbourhood, la la la, walking, walking, when I found a yarn store!! Wah! The front windows were filled with hanging red tassels, so I thought it was a Buddhist paraphernalia shop, but when I peered inside I could see that the store was crammed floor to ceiling with balls of wool! This was especially exciting because I haven't been too impressed with the two nearby shops lately. Plus I'm never able to find anything that resembles what I see in patterns, in terms of name brands. So I'm poking around in this new place and what do I find? Regia freaking Crazy Colors! I know Crazy Colors is old news for knitters in the west, but for Taipei, it's spun gold. I bought two balls at 200 NT dollars each (approx. CAD$8.50), which I'm sure is overpriced. Couldn't remember if a pair of socks uses two or three balls, so I figured if it's three I can go back or just make ankle socks. I bought colour combo 5264 to make a pair of spring socks for a friend. Anyway, yay! New yarn store!

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