Tuesday, March 11, 2003

I've started to knit a real garment! From a real pattern! I found a pattern for a baby sweater that is knit in one piece in garter stitch, and I'm going for it: the bigger bulky baby bibby from Domestic Sphere. The recipient of the finished sweater depends on the sweater's finished size. It will be green, with some cream stripes. I found the pattern yesterday at work, so I had a coworker write in Chinese: "I'm looking for machine-washable bulky-weight yarn for a baby sweater". I then took the piece of paper to one of the yarn stores near my house on the way home last night. Is there even such a thing as machine-washable wool? I don't know. I ended up buying 100% merino wool. Hand wash. Probably the last two words the mother of a baby wants to hear. Anyway, I'm excited about knitting this little sweater.

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