Sunday, March 23, 2003

I'm here, and there were no problems en route. FYI, taking knitting needles in my carry-on bag was not an issue. And if I hadn't known about the SARS (atypical pneumonia) scare, I wouldn't have noticed anything at all, except that passengers were given an info sheet at the airport in Taipei and again in Vancouver. Plus a few more people than usual wearing face masks. Anyway, I'm happy to be home.

And what a time to be here! Yesterday was half-price day at my dear local thrift; during this coming week, every day is bag day ($3 a bag, if I remember correctly); and then the following week is all new spring stock! I went yesterday afternoon and of course ran into no less than seven people I knew. I ended up buying a pair of cords to make into a skirt; a white vintage slip; a lovely pink vintage sweater that I will felt and make into something; a set of cute 1970s kids' flashcards, as nearly everyone I know in Taipei is an English teacher; a pair of fuzzy earmuffs, because my Australian workmate thinks they're funny but has never actually seen real live earmuffs; a pair of blue hand-knitted slippers, which I can rip out; two yellow plastic knitting needles; four tiny metal knitting needles; and two balls of Beehive fingering wool in a never-opened package. Ever the thrifting show-off, I have to tell you that I paid a grand total of $3.65 for it all. (That's $3.65 Canadian, which is about 25 cents U.S.)

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