Saturday, March 29, 2003

For the love of Mike, what have I done to my sidebar over there? Where'd my links go? How will everyone know I have a Sphinx purrsonality? Ack!

I did some more thrifting the other day, and I realized that I probably shouldn't have been let out alone. I can even pinpoint the moment that this realization occurred: as I was paying for the Rubik's Princess Leia head (25 cents). Actually, no, I'm lying. That wasn't even it. It was the Ziploc bag of old doll heads. I know! Don't ask me. But I also found a decent pair of Levi's (to be turned into a skirt), three T-shirts, two vintage aprons, and six books.

I'm totally hooked on the new record by the All Girl Summer Fun Band, especially tracks 2 and 12.

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