Wednesday, January 22, 2003

My crazy hat is coming along slowly. I'm using sportweight merino wool on small (size 4) needles; one round is 120 stitches. I'm enjoying the circular needles. Found them quite slippery at first (all I'd used before was bamboo) and a little awkward, but the continuous knitting is nice. I also found the first few rows quite tight and not easy to work, but now it's fine. I've done about 10 or 12 cm and am still on the ball of red wool. I'd better hurry, though, as Taipei's "winter" may not last more than another month. There's a nice Web site all about classic typewriters out there. My cousin Rob has a lovely vintage Hermes typewriter that was my aunt's. I love getting letters from him that he's typed on it. Finally, finally, finally, the University of Western Ontario has updated its Web site to include information on its M.A. program in Media Studies. Have a look to get an idea of why I want to go back to school. Keep warm, and have an extra martini for Gordon Campbell.

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