Friday, April 15, 2011

Four months

Max is four months old now and such a happy kid. He still spits up quite a bit, but not in the huge volumes that he did before. He laughs a lot. Last week he rolled over from his tummy to his back! All is well.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ten weeks

Max is ten weeks old tomorrow. Things are definitely good now; I'd say the first five or six weeks were very difficult for me. At around eight weeks, something seemed to click on in him, with lots of smiles, lots of movement, super-alertness, and a good long sleep at night. Earlier this month we flew out to B.C. so Max could meet his grandparents and other relatives, and he was a champ with the travel as well as with all the new faces, voices, etc. Now I'm looking forward to him holding up his own head and feeding less frequently during the day. Also wondering if those blue eyes are going to change. They're so blue I find it hard to believe they'll turn brown (like mine). Maybe green (like his dad's)?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Five weeks

These have been the longest five weeks of my life ... but Max is a beauty, I must say, and he's getting more alert every day (i.e., more fun).

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's a boy!

Maximilian Charles
born at 7:16 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 10, 2010
9 pounds, 3 ounces (4.18 kg)
20.5 inches (52 cm)

Day 1:

Day 7:

Day 10 (yesterday!):

All is well with us. I'm feeding him right now and typing one-handed, so no big story. But I'll be back! Just didn't want to keep you hanging for too long. Also, we wish you all the best for the holidays and the year ahead! Much love to all, from Alison and Max. xoxo

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

3 weeks out

My due date is in three weeks, on Dec. 8. We're feeling pretty on top of things -- we're taking our weekly prenatal classes; we've taken a tour of the birthing centre at the hospital; we've got the cloth diaper service set up; we're taking an infant CPR course this Friday; we've got the crib up (but it's filled with other stuff at the moment); the base of the carseat is in the car; and I've finished my part-time job. We've got pretty much everything we need, according to lists like this one, this one, and this one. I think we're as ready as we're going to be! And we're definitely excited. So watch this space -- I may check in again before the baby comes, or the next post might contain the big news...

Wednesday, October 06, 2010


More sewing! I will admit I've done some knitting, too, but it really does make my hands ache, so I need to stop it! So this is one of the sewing projects meant to take over some knitting time: cute bibs. I have lots of sweet fabrics, from a south-of-the-border trip in the spring where I found bundled fat quarters of 1930s-repro prints at a Jo-Ann store.

I used this free pattern. Cotton prints for the fronts, plain white flannel for the backs, and snap closures. Pretty simple; as with most things, I spend more time ironing than anything else.

(Those little gardeners on the green fabric are killing me with their cuteness. I have them on yellow, too -- and maybe blue.)

So, I'm 31 weeks pregnant today -- two months to go. Still feeling good, other than the carpal tunnel. I'm not sleeping well, but from what I read and hear, that's to be expected, and it's only going to get worse. But in general, all is well -- and fall is my favourite season, and October is my favourite month, so no complaints.