Wednesday, October 06, 2010


More sewing! I will admit I've done some knitting, too, but it really does make my hands ache, so I need to stop it! So this is one of the sewing projects meant to take over some knitting time: cute bibs. I have lots of sweet fabrics, from a south-of-the-border trip in the spring where I found bundled fat quarters of 1930s-repro prints at a Jo-Ann store.

I used this free pattern. Cotton prints for the fronts, plain white flannel for the backs, and snap closures. Pretty simple; as with most things, I spend more time ironing than anything else.

(Those little gardeners on the green fabric are killing me with their cuteness. I have them on yellow, too -- and maybe blue.)

So, I'm 31 weeks pregnant today -- two months to go. Still feeling good, other than the carpal tunnel. I'm not sleeping well, but from what I read and hear, that's to be expected, and it's only going to get worse. But in general, all is well -- and fall is my favourite season, and October is my favourite month, so no complaints.


marirob said...

Those bibs are adorable! You should make matching burp cloths too out of the prefold cloth diapers. They are one of the best things I made for Baby J. And the sleep... the sleep... it does get worse. I used to be up for at least 2 hours every night during the last month. And then? The baby comes and you're up at least 3 times a night for feeds. But in the end, it becomes just a distant memory... tee hee! Congratulations and enjoy every moment!

Ellen said...

Alison - I'm so happy for you! It did take a while to see that you're back, which says a lot about my own blogging/blog reading habits these days. Sorry about your hands; I hope it will all resolve itself after the pregnancy, but by then you may not have time to knit for a few years (just speaking from memory.)the bibs are so sweet, and will be very useful. I've taken up quilting, and it has compromised my knitting output. You take care, and enjoy your last few weeks pre-baby.

murran said...

i hadn't checked in on your blog for a bit because you had been away. so i'm pleasantly surprised to hear you are pregnant. please accept my congratulations and now i will read backwards and see what you have been up to.......well besides the obvious ;0)

Seanna Lea said...

It sounds like your pregnancy is going along well *knock on wood* and I wish you the best. Hopefully October's fun will make up for any lack of sleep your body throws your way.

catie said...

Love the bibs. Especially the fabric choice. This is going to be one lucky baby!!