Sunday, February 08, 2009

Lace love

The preview is up for the spring issue of IK! It looks good. I've been preoccupied with lace yarns and patterns lately, so I'm very excited to see two! shawls! as well as a stole and an adorable little laceweight cardigan.

Good incentive to get cracking on Cleite -- so I can start a new lace project when IK comes! I've done four repeats. Of course, each one is longer than the one before, and the pattern calls for nine repeats, so... I've got some knitting to do.

I bought some new laceweight yarn last week, too, with no particular project in mind -- but I am powerless in the face of that vintage aqua blue: 2 skeins of One of a Kind wool-angora lace. Lovely, isn't it? Like a bit of blue sky on a winter day. (Thanks again for the home delivery, Robyn!)

(In a quick thrift yesterday, I happened to find a Melmac platter in that same fabulous aqua. Woot!)


Anonymous said...

That's almost the same colour as my lacy Apres Surf Hoodie too! There must be something in the air.

Gudrun Johnston said...

Can't blame you for snagging such a gorgeous looking yarn...would have done the same myself!

Anonymous said...

We had some aqua melmac when I was a girl. What memories!

(A cautionary note: melmac has metallic compounds in it, and will explode if used in the microwave. Warning has been in my microwave owner's handbooks.)

Dagný said...

The name of that yarn is especially funny to me because "kind" is an Icelandic word for sheep. :D

I am very excited about the spring issue of IK too, love the cardigans!

Nadia said...

That is a great colour!

Wow. There are a lot of really great patterns in the new IK.

Steph said...

You are the bearer of great news for a cold Monday morning. I love the new Interweave.

That yarn is simply lovely... One of a kind, eh? Must check them out.

Nell said...

That color is fantastic! It'll be fun to see what it becomes.

erika said...

I love that color too, and thanks for the link to Interweave. I am feeling much better about today now!