Wednesday, May 14, 2008

In the backyard

Part 1: Blanket

Bill (from the back porch): Ali, come here!
Me: OK. [Off I go...]
Bill (pointing next door): Look at the crocheted blanket. Isn't it pretty, hanging in the sunlight? I really like it.
Me: I like it, too. And I'm proud of you.
Bill: Why, because I'm showing you a blanket?
Me: No, because you know it's crochet. [pause] Is it legal to photograph your neighbour's laundry?

Part 2: Tulips

Mooky and I walked around the backyard the other day looking at all the lovely tulips that have burst open recently.

It almost feels like summer already, but I hope spring stays for a little while.


ingrid said...

I said, "Cute" out loud when I saw the pictures of Mooky in your backyard. It's times like this when I'm glad I work from home and don't have to explain to my coworkers why I'm yelling "Cute!" while I'm supposed to be doing poll by poll analysis.

These pictures make me wish my Moustie went outdoors, but he's too wimpy and scared.

Veronique said...

Oh, I wish I had crafty neighbors!! Glad to see you finally have better weather :)

La Cabeza Grande said...

What a beauty! I love your backyard. And Mooks looks the picture of health.

Anonymous said...

I bet your neighbor's saw you modeling your shawl and wanted to let you know that they are fiber people too! Now you need to chat them up! Or they were just showing off..... ;-)

beth (big geek)

Knit & Purl Mama said...

You are super lucky you're allowed clothes lines. Where I live now, it's illegal!

Is Mooky an indoor cat? How do you get him from running off when outside? My cats would take off! (They're indoor only)

amanda said...

OMG that conversation between you & Bill is priceless! Sounds exactly like something you'd hear around here :)

And, yes, it's perfectly legal to photograph your neighbour's laundry (sweet jeebus, it better be).

Terra Hangen said...

Georgeous creation of your neighbor's, and adorable black cat. My two cats are happy in my garden, and we have a visiting black kitty we are not able to tame.
It hisses at us, but is very pretty and yet, sad.

gleek said...

wow, that IS really impressive that bill knows his crochet! :)

Michelle said...

I was going to comment on the blanket and Bill but then I got to the pictures of Moukros and, well, you know.

Melissa Lemmons said...

I was looking for the "agree" button ala Ravelry when I read the part where you told him that you were proud that he knew that it was crochet. It really annoys/saddens me when people don't know the difference. I am not certain that my husband really does. I mostly knit in front of him, though I did just crochet a little angel.

Chris said...

You don't often find a cat who appreciates flowers like that! :)

sunt_lacrimae_rerum said...

What a great yard and what a handsome cat! These are pictures to cherish.

shannon said...

mooks is so darn funny. i love the looks he gets on his face.

the blanket is beautiful and the fact that bill knew it was crochet, priceless! i am sure kev wouldn't be able to discern the difference from so far away. :)

Anonymous said...

I would have said it was a knitted blanket because we used to make on just like it. Each square was started on 8 stitches and then increased at the four corners every other rounds which made those radiating holes. Sometimes the blocks were crocheted together and sometimes sewn. In any case, it brought back wonderful memories and I am going to dig all the scraps out of my stash and start one.

Bronchitkat said...

There you go, husbands/male partners can be trained.

DH now understands about various weights of yarn, yarn content etc. I recognise the sound of Westinghouse brake pump. (among other Steam related things!)