Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Golf socks for Bill

A couple of summers ago, I knit two pairs of ankle socks for Bill to wear golfing; they were a smashing success, and he requested a new pair, which I just finished. He claims they are more comfortable and less sweaty than store-bought cotton socks, even though they are wool. A pair takes about one 50-gram ball of sock yarn -- I used wool/nylon Scheepjes Invicta Extra -- so this is a good stash-buster; plus I used yarn left over from Roza's Socks for the contrasting cuff.

No pattern, but here are my notes, in case you're interested:
- c.o. 68 (CC)
-8 rnds k2tbl,p2 rib
-1 rnd k all –> MC –> 5 rnds k all
-short-row heel on 34 (to 12)
-toe dec. every other rnd (to 24)

And that's it! Simple sockies. How happy am I that Bill prefers ankle socks to traditional golf stockings? Phew.


DJB said...

They're fab! But I bet he'd like them a whole lot more if you attached some discreet pom poms at the heel of the ankle.

Anonymous said...

They are so GOOD! I am new to sock knitting but I just know my husband would use this type of sock - great idea and thanks for the notes, I am going to give them a go some time very soon!

uhoava gnu said...

Very nice socks!
Though I have one question.. What MC means? I´m not a native English speaker ;)

claudia said...

I love the socks on the fake legs.


Congrats on the thing-that-shall-not-be-named!

Allison said...

Very nice! My boyfriend prefers ankle socks, too - no complaints :)

diandra said...

i love how "rustic" they look. and i'm so impressed he doesn't like long socks. yay!

and, this is a side note, but you totally made me a lace knitter! i thought shawls were lame and then saw a picture of you wearing one as a scarf and my my you make shawls look cool! i'm on the bandwagon! xo