Monday, October 01, 2007

La Brainy's Knitting School

I spent yesterday afternoon with my friend Jeanie and her daughter, Leela, teaching them how to knit. It was my first time trying to show someone how to do it, and it's not easy! I found myself saying things like, "I know this is tricky, but once you get it, I promise it'll be really fun."

At first, I could tell that eight-year-old Leela was getting frustrated, because she'd been very excited to learn but it just wasn't making sense. But then, suddenly, she got it. And as she was working across her second or third row all by herself, without stopping or looking up she said quietly, "I like this. This is fun."

The loops on Leela's needles were very big and loose, but they were right. She got it. As for Jeanie, she methodically worked away on her stitches and ended up several rows later with a couple dozen more stitches than she'd started with, but who cares? Look how hard she was concentrating, her knitting needle all ablur with activity:

There you go: Montreal's newest knitters. They promised to keep it up, so they don't forget. (Right, Jeanie?)


Chris said...


Seanna Lea said...

Teaching someone to knit can be a ton of fun and pretty rewarding. The last show I was in, some of the other members of the cast were watching me knit to calm down before going on. By the end of the run, we had one gal needle felting when off stage and four or five of us knitting.

Knitting Mama said...

I love teaching people to knit, though I dont think I'm that good of a teacher!

anne said...

I found that the easiest way to teach knitting is to have the learner sit in your lap and put their hands over yours while you knit. Unfortunately, this doesn't work well once they're older than six.

Adrienne said...

Isn't it great teaching others!!!

Kathleen C. said...

The best thing about teaching someone else is the look of pride they get when they see what they can accomplish... and I love the big smile I see on Leela's face.
Way to go, Teach!

jeanie riddle said...

We are both knitting a way- finguring that we're 'making' something..... something.
Look out we'll be knitting gramma's knit dress
(I don't know what she's thinking!)
Thanks Al, you are THE best! Dinner was delicious too- who could ask for more!

leela & jeanie

jeanie riddle said...

LA Brainy's knitting School
is like AL's Brainy Knitting School backward :)

Michelle said...


pamela wynne said...

woo hoo!! There's no better or simpler endorsement than, "I like this. This is fun." :)

lomester said...

Those pictures are terrific! I love the joy and concentration on their faces.