Sunday, October 07, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mom (and more!)

My mother will tell you she's not crafty, but I have evidence that she taught me to sew. This was at Christmas (I know because there's an advent calendar on the window -- maybe 1980?), and I got my own little sewing machine (my mom has a big one, on which she later taught me to sew for real). I distinctly remember this photograph being taken, actually; my brother took it, but insisted that he pose his favourite bunny on my sewing machine. And look at the vest I'm wearing! Now there's a chunky knit -- most likely made by my Aunt Nance. So there you go, Mom. Happy birthday!

The Puces Pop fair was awesome yesterday. (Are you in or near Montreal? Go today! Get a free lip balm from Etsy!) I bought a lovely tote bag, from Worn Journal, and a very exciting $10 fabric-scrap pack from lilybug.

Of course I would have liked to buy more stuff, but really, being surrounded by such creativity also makes me want to make more stuff -- and that's really more satisfying, isn't it? So today I'm sewing the top of my blue baby quilt, from the kit that Kelly McCaleb sent me. I'm in love with the fabrics she chose.

Are you doing creative things this weekend? I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving (you Canadians, that is). I give thanks for you.


shannon said...

i made curtains yesterday and started knitting my very own market bag. is that crafty enough? :)

not canadian, but i am thankful for you!

meegiemoo said...

I'm at my FIL's in Welland, soon to be heading to my parent's house near Guelph. I'm knitting my Tangled Yoke sweater and when at my parent's house, there is sure to be a knit-in with my mom, sister and me. Unless the triptophans from the turkey prevent that.

goodkarma said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I love the photo of you and your mum. So sweet.

Knitting Mama said...

What a great photo of the two of you. Both my grandmothers were knitters and one crochets, but my mom is NOT creative at all.

Happy Thanksgiving Alison!

Paula said...

What a lovely photo! We had the same haircut. I was a sewer first too, my Mom sewed.
I thankful for the bounty of Canada. Happy Thanksgiving.
Happy Birthday Alison's Mom.

Romi said...

Happy birthday Brainy Mum! :)

I love the photo of you two!

Brainy's Brother Tom said...

Yes, I DO remember taking this photo. It would have been at Christmas and the year 1980 sound about right. Hey, I miss my bunny!

(Mind you, I'd rather have a puppy now. They make better pets I think!)


Ellen said...

Sweet picture! My mom also sewed for me, but I learned how to do it myself by reading, like I seem to learn everything. I made significant progress on a diagonal, short-row tank top that should have been finished months ago, but kept going to the end of the queue.

kaoticorchid said...

Wow-the fabrics are beautiful and memories like that are priceless!

mintyfresh said...

I am *extremely* late catching up on blogs and links, but I'm glad you liked the scrap pack!