Monday, June 25, 2007

Daytripping: Mont-St-Hilaire

Thanks for all of the sweet comments on my new frock! I finished another sewing project over the weekend, so I'll show you that soon.

So I'm doing quite well with my weekends-off project. (It's the work-on-weekdays part that is posing a bit of a challenge, clearly.) On Saturday I slept in and then sewed. Saturday evening I worked on the front of Josephine while watching the last two episodes of season one of The Sopranos and the first episode of season two. (Fortunately we're borrowing the DVDs from our upstairs neighbour, so I could run up and get the next season.)

Yesterday I slept in again, and then Bill and I went for an afternoon drive. We drove off the island and about half an hour east, to Mont-St-Hilaire, where we headed up to the Centre de la nature. The winding road up the mountain flanked by apple orchards reminded me so much of the Okanagan -- it almost felt like we were in Naramata. From the parking lot of Gault Nature Reserve it was only about a 10-minute walk to Lac Hertel, which was a lovely spot.

Time to get to work! I have to earn these fabulous weekends, after all.


Chris said...

Oh, what a serene picture!

djb said...

Naramata sounds like Cabramatta, Parramatta, or Coolangatta. You could be in Oz!

xtina said...

With a setting like that, even an afternoon must feel like a vacation. Nice.