Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Wow, Jean Baudrillard is dead. I feel like I should share some profound quote about postmodernism, hyperreality, and simulacra, but that's what everyone will be doing. So instead I give you my favourite lyric by The Ballet, from the song "Personal":

I saw you on Gaydar;
your profile was so clever.
The references to Baudrillard
must've taken you forever.

I also want to note the passing of Doris Anderson. She was a remarkable woman -- a "rebel daughter" (the title of her autobiography), an officer of the Order of Canada, and an important figure in Canadian journalism history and "second wave" feminism.


jennie said...

wow. i have such mixed feelings about baudrillard. but i'm sad he's passed. he had such a profoudn effect on the way i think.

thank goodness for blogging, or i never would have known. i live under a rock...

nicole said...

I saw that Baudrillard died, as did king of the cheap California wines, Ernest Gallo. Somehow, to me, that seemed fitting.

Michelle said...

I agree with Nicole. And I also wonder how long it will be before there's a Photoshop contest for Baudrillard's headstone. Ah, Jean, your passing does make me sad.

P.S. Brainy, that blanket is totally cool.

jodi said...

Peter and I had a conversation recently in which we expressed our surprise that Baudrillard was still alive. Somehow he just seemed too influential to not be dead, if that makes sense. Tuesday morning I was sitting in a contemporary art history class, talking about Baudrillard's writings on the subject of cloning, and thinking back to that conversation; then when I read this news later that day I had a momentary shock feeling like I'd manifested his death myself by thinking about it.