Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Cheryl (she of seed-stitch-grafting success) set me straight on the technique (i.e., pointed out that I hadn't actually been paying attention when I spent 7.5 seconds glancing at Debbie New's how-to article).

Here's the deal: For the practice version, you don't knit two pieces and then try to graft them together (which is what I did). You knit one piece, but in the middle of it you do one row in a contrasting colour (which is what Cheryl did). That way, as Ms. New points out, "You can examine it to see how your thread should be passing in and out of the stitches above and the stitches below." Isn't that brilliant? Doesn't the very first sentence in the how-to article make this technique perfectly clear?

This is one of those situations that reminds me that, while I'm fairly book-smart, I'm not so good with day-to-day common sense. Sigh!


Stacey said...

funny how sometimes we can overlook the obvious and concentrate on the deeper things! :)

Chris said...


KnittenKnots said...

I've honestly done much worse...I think the kitchener you did on the sweater looks great anyhow!

goodkarma said...

I've learned that I often make new knitting skills much harder/more complex than they have to be. Then I have that light bulb moment and it all seems so much easier and more logical. But I agree with KnittenKnots; your grafting on this project looks great. Next time you'll know just what to do!

Thinks too much said...

I read an article called "How people read on the web," and the opening line was: "They don't."

So you're perfectly normal in that. (In all other aspects, you are a cut above.)