Wednesday, December 06, 2006

National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women

Please take a moment today not only to remember the murders of fourteen women in Montreal in 1989, but also to be outraged about violence against women in general.

That's the remembrance; as for the action, attend a vigil, remind somebody else about what happened on this day, encourage a man in your life to wear a white ribbon, light a candle in your home, call your local women's centre/shelter to find out what items you could donate to help women who are trying to leave their abusers -- whatever feels right for you.

And Canadians, please consider taking a few minutes to contact your MP. Look how easy this is: go to this page from the Canadian Labour Congress, click on the "postcard" link, and fill in your info. You'll be sending an e-mail to your MP asking that $2 for every Canadian woman and girl be allocated for groups working towards women's equality. (This is especially urgent in the light of cuts to Status of Women, don't you think?)

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sb said...

Okay. That's not too much to ask.