Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I'm being a Bad Student right now. I'm supposed to be writing a series of short response papers for my critical theory class (tomorrow!), but instead, well, I'm clearly not doing that. Instead, I watched some TV, and I'm fantasizing about knitting (will Misti Alpaca laceweight work for Ene's Shawl?), and I'm drinking a beer. And I had something to blog about, but now I forget what I was going to say...

Oh! I remember one thing: I got some info in the mail today about my convocation next month, including a brochure about ordering class rings. And get this: the designs of the men's rings are called "Legend," "Executive," and "Achiever," while for the women "ladies," the choices are called "Windswept," "Seawind," and "Charisma." What is that?! Good lord.

OK, I think I'll give my assignment another go. Thanks for all your comments on my last post -- I love that you love Mooky as much as you love my knitting! :)

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