Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Since I can't show you my own photos (thanks for your comments -- I'd never thought of a card reader, and am considering it), let's look at other people's pretty pictures, shall we? I don't know about you, but when I'm considering a new knitting project, I always google around the Internet to find photos on blogs of that project that people have finished. Partly this is to see what the item will really look like; it's way too easy to be seduced by lovely photography, especially in IK (as Marielle noted recently).

OK, so I'm currently knitting the Leaf Lace Shawl by Evelyn A. Clark -- I've knit 10 of 12 pattern repeats. Now, lots of these shawls have been knitted over the past year or two. (I'm always late.) Polly knit one with Shetland wool back in 2004, for instance. I've already mentioned Cari's sportweight merino version, and Cassie knit one last summer, too. Grumperina made one with a silk-wool blend last winter. This past spring, Savannahchik knit one with wool sock yarn and Wendy made one with worsted-weight silk and mohair. (Something fabulous about this pattern is that instructions are provided for four yarn weights.)

I'm also hoping to do some sewing this month. I need new skirts! I've just ordered the ubiquitous Cute Skirts pattern, so I suppose I'll start sewing when I get back from the Crotch. I've been very inspired by all kinds of cute skirts that bloggers have been sewing lately, whether or not they're from the same pattern. I find it's even more important to look at "real" versions of sewing projects than it is with knitting. The main reason I chose the Cute Skirts pattern is the skirts that Marielle made recently. There are two more Cute Skirts over at Too Many Scarves, from just last week. All kinds of similarly awesome A-line skirts have appeared on blogs lately, too, from other patterns. Mariko has cranked out a few (like this one and this one), and Lori Z made a great skirt with contrasting hem in the spring.

I'm going to warm up my sewing machine this week by hemming curtains. This is the machine (Singer model 1120) Bill bought me for my birthday -- last October -- and I haven't used it yet. Unbelievable. I just never had time! But now I do, and now we have curtains that are too long, so I'm very excited. I just need to buy some thread. (Hey, Montreal people: Any fabric/sewing stores in the NDG/Snowdon area?) I put up a curtain rod in our bedroom last night, and I learned something about myself: I love drilling! Screw the screwdriver, man. Give me a power drill. Today I'm putting up the rods in the living room and my office. It's a beautiful sunny day, not very hot. I think I'll go for a walk. Enjoy your day.

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