Saturday, December 31, 2005

My last FO of the year!

The Silja sock yarn that Mia sent ages ago has finally been put to good use -- although I ran out before the toe on each sock. I suppose that's what happens when you cast on 84 stitches. And of course, I ran out even earlier on the second sock (Why?), so the toes are funky. That's OK. I quite like these socks -- the uberpopular Jaywalker socks -- and the Silja is really soft. To model them in natural light for you, I stood on a chair to get my feet closer to the window:

The colours are actually more true in the top photo. These socks represent many hours of holiday airplane knitting.

OK, I have to run. Happy New Year to you! Have a safe and fabulous night and a lovely day tomorrow. See you then.

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