Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Huge score at the thrift store

This post was going to be an installment of "What's That Fibre?" but I went ahead and solved the mystery myself with a little help from Google. Would you like to play along anyway?

On my way to school this afternoon, I stopped at the V.V., as I am wont to do, and I found five skeins of ... something. Two skeins were in one bag, priced at $1.99, and three were in another, priced at $2.99. I couldn't see any labels, but one bag had already been ripped open, so I could feel the yarn. I was pretty sure it was at least partly wool. I didn't have a lighter on me, so I couldn't do the fire test. I decided to buy both bags, bring them home, and ask you for help.

It turned out that one of the skeins in the as-yet-unopened bag had a wee label taped around a few strands of the yarn. A clue! Hey, George and Bess, we can work with this!

Very interesting. Do acrylics even have dye lots? This was looking good. Enter Google, and we find Cottage Craft Fine Woollens, a company that has been going strong in the Maritimes since 1915. And we also find that, for five dollars, I'm the proud owner of 1,350 yards of light worsted wool. I see an Aran sweater in my future... (The label says it's white, but it's actually that perfect creamy Aran colour.)

p.s. Cottage Craft has some nice (and affordable) sweater kits on their site, and they offer lots of different colours of wool, too.

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