Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Two! Sleeps! Till Brooklyn!

(Yes, I am going to keep doing that. You got a problem, Mike D?)

I'm currently struggling with a question that a select few of us always have to face before taking a trip: What should I take to knit? The lovely and sensible Cari -- go and have a look at her Leaf Lace Shawl; it's OK, I'll wait... -- made the following suggestion: "You need knitting you can do while talking, knitting you can start and stop in the middle of a row, and something complicated enough to keep you busy on the train ride." So true. I'm thinking I'll take the Vintage Knits sweater for the train ride. (I'm also thinking that sweater needs a better, shorter, more clever name than Short-Sleeved Ribbed Lace Sweater! Any suggestions?) I have a few socks on the go, but nothing that's grabbing me, so maybe I'll dive right into that new Orangina Kroy and do some cabled socks. I think I'm only capable of stockinette while talking, though. Hmm. I have been eyeing the Fiery Bolero in the current issue of IK (here and then scroll down), especially since seeing Michelle's hot little number of a version. If I make that, though, I can't call it a bolero. You see, I can't think of myself as a woman who would wear a bolero. I just can't do it. Perhaps there are two kinds of people in the world: those who would wear a bolero, and those who wouldn't (or who would, but would call it a cropped sweater or something).

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