Monday, June 13, 2005

And my house has never been cleaner

No, I'm not procrastinating on writing a paper. My parents are coming! My parents are coming tonight! I'm very excited, because there have only been a few times when I've been able to play host to my mom and dad. There were a few years many years ago when Bill and I lived in the same town as them, and then in the next town. But it's been ages. Now they'll be our guests for a week.

So all the house things we've been putting off or vaguely planning have been done in the last week, including having the carpet and couch steam-cleaned, and moving the bedroom. That's right: we moved our bedroom from upstairs to the main floor. We didn't like the upstairs room anyway, and it's really hot up there, and my parents are going to be sleeping in our bed, so we moved everything down. Much better.

We've got big plans for the week ahead, including a show at the Stratford Festival. (My mom was last there in 1958!) We'll go for drives and picnics, we'll play crib, we'll visit Bill's parents, we'll admire Beatrix. It'll be excellent. Well worth not swearing for a week. ;)

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