Monday, June 27, 2005

Action-packed weekend

I'm sure that there is always an abundance of things to do in New York City on summer weekends, but there isn't always a parade and a craft fair, is there? (Is there? Maybe there is! What a great place.) This weekend was fabulous. Very hot, and fabulous.

But I should back up, as the fabulosity actually began on Friday. Cari and I headed to Manhattan on the subway:

We ended up at a knitting café, where we met Em, Iris, Mindy, Jackie, Cassie, and Regina. And we knit. In fact, I didn't even stop knitting to take any photos of my lovely and talented knitting companions. Shocking, I know. That night, however, after dinner, I did take pictures of the divine Michelle and the ... um, well, streamlined Diego sharing a moment on Cari's couch (although it seemed that Diego's mind may have been elsewhere):

On Saturday, I don’t know if I was more excited about the Mermaid Parade or the fact that it was at Coney Island. It was hot out, but the breeze from the ocean was wonderful -- this was my very first glimpse of the Atlantic! -- and so was spending the afternoon with Jackie and Michelle:

We arrived well before the parade so we could walk up and down the boardwalk and eat at Nathan's, which offers nutritious vegetarian options:

The parade itself was lots of fun to watch and impossible to photograph. Just imagine lots of bare skin and blue and green wigs, makeup, and sequins. And then yesterday was the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn, which was great. It was so inspiring to see a park full of hand-made stuff. (Note to self: get a sewing machine, already!) I bought a necklace and a wristband, and I picked up lots of free buttons, stickers, and cards at the booths:

Jackie, Michelle, Cassie, and I walked around the park for as long as we could stand the heat -- even a little longer than that, actually. And I got to meet Colleen, whom regular readers of Michelle's blog will be familiar with. (Cari, she's real!) And Michelle and I ended up knitting and chatting and drinking beer for hours in a Williamsburg bar, and nothing could have been better.

So that's my very brief and incomplete sum-up of the weekend. And I'm still here for today and tomorrow! Lucky me. And, no matter what you may have heard, New Yorkers are very warm and welcoming people -- they just aren't very good spellers...

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