Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Sweaty tourist caught knitting with wool

   CHIANG MAI -- Locals in this northern Thai city were shocked yesterday to find a Canadian tourist knitting a wool sweater.
   "It's at least 35 degrees Celsius outside, yet this strange woman insists on creating a garment designed for cold weather," observed one source who wished to remain anonymous. "How can she even be thinking of winter wear at a time like this? Her priorities are way off."
   The Canadian woman claims that, while she is well aware that this is the hottest month of the year here in Chiang Mai, there is never a "wrong time" for knitting with Noro Kureyon. In addition, she says the weather in her Ontario home has thus far been "crap" anyway, and for all she knows she'll need a sweater when she gets back next week.
   She claims to be working on the fourth and final piece of the so-called Dolman Updated sweater.
   "It's knitting up beautifully," she says. "I'd prefer a little less purple and a little more red, but overall I'm pleased with Kureyon #157."
   Still, in a city where residents have little need for sweaters, her behaviour is curious. Her travelling partner, identified as Bill, admits the woman had been somewhat concerned about sparking a condition known as "sweaty hands," but that the 100% wool appears to be having no such effects.
   "I generally only knit in air-conditioned spots or in the evenings," she says, "so I haven't had to deal with sweaty hands at all. What a relief!"
   This claim could not be substantiated, however, as the Canadian suddenly hopped into a tuk-tuk and sped off. Eyewitnesses do agree that the sweater pieces are "looking good," and several locals even expressed regret that such a garment has little use here in Thailand.
   "That would look great on me," one area resident was heard to comment.


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