Tuesday, May 31, 2005


We're back. Everything here is green and lovely, and today was warm and sunny. Nice. Bill and I went and bought a barbecue this morning.

Have you been wondering about Bea? According to the house-sitter/cat-feeder, Beatrix spent a lot of time hiding and did not go outside while we were gone. Not once. Well, we got home last night, and Bea was so excited. She spent the whole evening meowing at us. She went outside and ate grass and rolled on the ground. She followed us around. She sat on us. It's very good to see her.

A bit of paring down here on the blog -- no more tagboard, guest map, or weather pixie. Too much frou-frou.

I will be putting up some photos from Thailand. I took a ton of pictures. I will also be napping heavily. Talk to you soon.

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