Sunday, April 10, 2005

I'm so out of the loop (so to speak) that I just found the spring Knitty -- when did that come out? Pretty things, but I'm not really into warm-weather knits. For me, knitting is about warmth. I am, however, finding myself drawn to pretty, complicated, lacey scarves, so there is one Knitty pattern I've bookmarked: Susan's Branching Out scarf. I bought the latest Vogue Knitting for the scarf patterns, too -- there are other patterns in there that I really like, but the pretty-scarf section was enough to get me to buy the magazine.

Don't hold your breath waiting to see lacey knitting here, though! Nope, it's Day 7 of No Knitting here at Brainylady. And when I do finish writing papers for school, I'm going to want to finish some of the projects currently in the Drawer of Languishing Knits before starting new ones. Falling behind is the plight of the knitter, isn't it? We are constantly coming across patterns that we want to knit, but it's impossible to keep up, and then new patterns appear before we're able to finish the old ones. Sigh! Maybe that's why we read blogs -- we get to see somebody finish a knitting project every other day. Spurs us on, and gives us small vicarious satisfactions at the same time.

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