Friday, March 11, 2005

Move along, nothing to see here

I have been sneaking a bit of knitting into my busy schedule of schoolwork and work-work, but would you believe that I have completely lost interest in knitting socks? My sock muse is gone -- poof! And so my dad's first sock and my second Scrapbuster Spiral languish in the Drawer of Languishing Half-Knits. How sad. Hopefully the sock muse will return sometime this month.

Instead, I cast on for MWAH (Mariah Without A Hood). I know! I don't have the time or motivation to finish a sock or a measly cowl, let alone an entire sweater. Plus, what I really want to be knitting is the Turtleneck Shrug, especially after seeing Nicole's. As a person who loves T-shirts, and who goes to great pains to find good ones at thrift stores (which is getting much harder to do these days, I might add -- damn you, hipsters!), I absolutely need a sweater that only has sleeves.

OK, that's it: I declare right now, with you as my witness, that I will put MWAH aside and knit myself a turtleneck shrug. It can't take too long, right? (But I tell you, the combination of MWAH's cables and the barnyard scent of my Briggs & Little yarn is like a drug! I might have to get Bill to hide all MWAH supplies until completion of the turtleneck shrug...) As well, I will heretofore refer to the turtleneck shrug as the Neck-'n'-Arms. Because it sounds like the name of an English pub, and at this point in the semester, beer makes me really happy. *hic!*

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