Saturday, February 19, 2005

No socks were harmed in the making of this blog post

I finished the first Scrapbuster Spiral sock yesterday. I felt nesty, and I got quite a lot of knitting done (watch this space for a picture of my dad's first Double Diamonds sock). I ended up not making the scrappy sock very long, though it is longer than my usual socks. Most of my socks have the same leg length as foot length; this one is longer than that, but really, I was getting impatient and running out of mini-ringel, so I went in with the sewn stretchy bind-off:

What could be better than hand-knit socks and flannel jammies?

Even though the colour scheme changed pretty dramatically an inch or so up from the heel, there is a continuity that may or may not come through in the photo. The mini-ringel colours are consistent from top to bottom. Somehow, it seems to work.

Bea was on the couch again, and since you liked the photo of her with the sock-in-progress the other day, I thought she could pose with the finished sock. She must've been much sleepier for the last photo, because this time, she started madly licking the sock. She is one funny cat.

Bea washes the sock

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